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u2photos's Journal

U2 Photos
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U2 Photos was created by jentwo in March 2002 as a sister community to u2, so that fans could share pics of our favourite band without clogging up the main discussion forum. It proved an instant hit, soon featuring themes such as Mullet Monday, Tight Pants/Shirt Tuesday, Shirtless Wednesday, Sexy Long Hair Thursday and 'Fro Friday!

The community has been very quiet in recent years, but fans are still welcome and encouraged to use it. If your post contains very large images or more than 3 images, please use an LJ-cut tag (or thumbnails linking to the full size images). The text of the LJ-cut should state the number of pics and a brief description (e.g. "3 recent pics of Bono and Edge") so people know what to expect when clicking on it.

Click here to PM the current owner canadanne if you have any problems or questions!